Preventing sewer lines from clogging

Sewer lines are an important part of our home plumbing system. These lines need to be in good condition because they are responsible for removing waste water from homes. So, it is quite a concern for homeowners to ensure that their sewer lines are in good condition through the year.

What causes problems in the sewer lines?

One of the main problems of the sewer lines is clogging. Clogging can occur due to a number of reasons – sometimes it is due to the fault of the homeowners and many times due to other reasons. No matter, what the reason is, it is always possible to do things which helps in preventing the sewer lines from getting clogged. If there is clogging in these lines, waste water shall back-up quickly and it shall completely spread in the entire area. This will not just produce a strong pungent smell, it is extremely bad for your health and the plumbing system as well. So, do not let this happen.

So, in case you are also worried about your sewer lines getting clogged, here are a few ways you can stop the sewer lines from getting suffocated, which in turn causes a number of problems.

Use Cleaners Regularly:

You can use enzyme cleaners to have the drains cleaned on a monthly basis. If you wish to keep the drains completely clean, you can use enzyme cleaners once in a month. You will find many different kinds of cleaners, but if you use a chemical based cleaner, it will be quite helpful. In case, you are not comfortable cleaning the drains all by yourself, you can hire professionals who will do the work for you. Enzyme cleaners are recommended because these are quite good for your pipes, for your health and the environment as well. This is one way you can keep your sewers from clogging.

Ensure That Plants, Bushes and Trees are Away:

If plants are too close to the sewer lines, they cause damage to these pipes. Trees usually spread their roots, far and wide. If the sewer lines are close to the trees, it is really difficult to have them maintained. If the lines are not maintained, it will be difficult to have these lines clean. In the absence of regular cleaning and maintenance, it will destroy the pipes. Thus, if such a problem remains unchecked for quite sometime, it is not going to do good for your sewage system.

Look For Moisture:

Leakages can cause havoc in many ways and can even lead to clogging. So, keep an eye for the existence of moisture, especially around the area where you know the sewer lines are running. If there is no apparent source of moisture and you still find the area a bit moist, you need to ensure that there is no leakage. This will help in keeping the area dry and completely safe.

What you shouldn’t flush?

If you are ensuring healthy sewer pipe which doesn’t clog easily, you need to ensure that you are flushing all the right things. You should never flush down wipes or other different products of hygiene in the toilet. If hygiene products like sanitary napkins are flushed through drains, it can clog the sewer system. Thus, you need to be extra careful about what is going down the drain. If you do not control this, it gets really difficult to have the sewage system maintained.

Clay Pipes Should Be Replaced:

Pipes usually corrode after many years and hence those who live in older homes should be careful about the pipes which are being used. If there are lead pipes or even clay pipes, these need to be immediately replaced. These pipes deteriorate over the years and often cause clogging. If the clogging is quite serious, you might have to spend a lot of money in getting the clog removed.

Lastly, it is known to all that plumbing maintenance is best done by experts. So, no matter how skilled you are or how much you know about the plumbing system, there are a few jobs which are best done by experts. So, hire professionals who will carry out plumbing repairs and maintenance on your behalf. This shall help in preventing future clogs from happening.

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